Interactive Spanish exercises



Practica la conjugación y la gramática. Nivel A. (Edelsa) 

Authors: María Aránzazu Rivas Leonardo y Jorge Ipiña Rasero.

6 games/activities.

-Acciones habituales: everyday life verbs. 54 verbs to practice the present tense.

-El presente de indicativo: 150 cases to practice the regular and irregular verbs conjugation.

-Ser y Estar: use and contrast. María's life in 6 episodes... tragicomic!

-Órdenes o consejos: 76 cases to practice the affirmative imperative with or without pronouns.

-El pretérito simple (indefinido): 175 cases to practice the regular and irregular verbs conjugation.

-Los pronombres: 80 situations and dialogues to practice reflexive, direct and indirect object pronouns.

The material consist of a tutorial and USB key. 

In the tutorial you can see a description of each game:

-"¿En qué consiste el juego?":
It will help you understand the mechanics of each one of the games.

 -"Sugerencias de explotación":
You can see a number of ideas to implement in your class if you are a teacher, or to improve your Spanish if you are a self-taught.

Connect the USB key to your personal computer to access the games.

You can get an idea of the games with the following videos:

Acciones habituales.

El presente de indicativo.

Ser y estar.

Órdenes o consejos.

El pretérito simple (indefinido).

Los pronombres.

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